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Spam ?


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fried in batter is a favourite. oh you mean computer spam. simple don't open any items that you don't know the source of. also there are spam filters on most email progs, not that they always work as they sometimes chuck non spam emails in the spam folder. an add blocker is also handy as long as you remember to turn it off on here (creep creep)

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Just proved my own point.


My holiday insurance documents hadn't arrived and I'm away this Friday.

A quick search for insurance in the spam folder and I had them in seconds.

There was 2336 junk emails in there that I could have spent half my life trying to opt out of but I've got better things to do with my life. 



Bill :)

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If i delete them on my pc using live mail i can still get them by accessing my virgin media email form their mail lnk on the home page. all the ones i deleted using live mail are still on virgin media. at least once a month i use the virgin media one and have a proper clearout.


not sure about my yahoo one or my hotmail one, however if you want some really great deals on certain pills (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more) then let me know and i will forward a few of the offers i get. :lol: :lol: :lol::oops:


edit added:- wasn't there some talk a while back that service providers had to store such info for six months just in case the powers that be get interested?

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On my email they just sit in the junk mail until the mood takes me to click delete the junk mail.

It's a bit like throwing all the junk mail that comes through the door into a cardboard box then binning once a year.

You could open every letter and ask them to stop but your wasting your time.


bill :)

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Only way is to block the "domain" for example if the email address is (spam@spammingco.com) then block the spammingco.com domain rather than just the user name "spam"..


one pice of advise i will offer is:

if you have face-book or any other social-media remove your contact info as any-one that knows you should already have this.


Hope this helps

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