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Guess where I was yesterday........


With the Mayor of course in his cosy little parlour, where else would I be on a Saturday :D    ...........    Heritage Open Day at Warrington Town Hall.


I wonder if Mayor Geoff will will ever post on here again now he's met me though EEK !! 


Well done to the council for opening their doors to the public on the Heritage Open Day.  Stunning building, full of amazing detail and items on show, brilliant :D


I had a great time and lots more photo's to follow as is usually the case when I go anywhere with my camera but I'll upload in separate topics  :D













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Why on earth would I want to try to take photos of myself taking photos of things far more interesting Wolfie let alone upload them to here for you all to see if I had :lol:

I'm sure I'm on CCTV though as I was in the Mayor's parlour alone for a while with all the silver and other memorabilia (I probably looked very dodgy too) so maybe if you contact the council they can get you stills from it.

Here's a question....why does the plaque above the door say 'Mayors Parlour' as surely it should say Mayor's (ie the parlour belonging to the Mayor).  Unless of course it is referring to the fact that lots of Mayors have had it in the past......  #buggingmenow

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Yes it is used Davy, for meetings with the Mayor when he's at the Town Hall (and the Mayoress too I think).  It has a lovely little en-suite bathroom too which I was shown.  Only small with a toilet, sink, his and hers towels oh and toothpaste and toothbrushes too.    Must be a lovely room to relax and work in when you have the chance.

Maybe Mayor Geoff Settle could post more info on here about it's use if he's reading after all he is a forum member.  Guess he's too busy to chat to us these days though :wink:

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