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Jeremy Corbyn elected as Leader of the Labour Party

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Unfortunately imo, he's just spoken to a luvvie rally, in favour of taking in more migrants; so I think we can forget any chance of him entering 10 Downing St now !

not sure to be honest :D    

Do any members of the royal family sing it?

All these people threatening a coup if Jeremy gets into number 10 might be being a bit presumptuous in thinking they'll still have a parliamentary seat by the time that happens! If the masses back Jeremy will these dis-loyalists even be put up for election?

Big business threatening to leave Britain if Jeremy gets in too! A lot of them are not paying any tax here anyway, so Good Riddance!

A good contender for a new 'Jeremy inspired' national anthem;-  


                                                    " Can you hear the people sing?" :lol: :lol:  :lol:  

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seems even his cabinet colleagues and some trade union leaders are somewhat shocked at his admission that he would never press "the button" if it became necessary....... good to know our enemies would be safe if they ever launched a nuclear war against us.... it is however good to know that a few thousand fanatical lefties who supported this joker will never be enough to put him in a position where he will have to even consider the option

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