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Jeremy Corbyn elected as Leader of the Labour Party

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He doesn't even have to do anything wrong for the Tory press to lambast him. I see Murdochs filthy rag has been making up stuff and reporting it as fact.


Also JC wearing trousers and a jacket instead of a suit means he is branded a disgrace in the Mail. Utter bilge as usual,

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Unfortunately imo, he's just spoken to a luvvie rally, in favour of taking in more migrants; so I think we can forget any chance of him entering 10 Downing St now !

not sure to be honest :D    

Do any members of the royal family sing it?

Here we have Dave showing how it should be done



Don't remember any almighty fuss from the media after this, let's face it Samantha could have twerked her way through the anthem and the press would have defended it.

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Another storm in a teacup whipped up by reporters looking for a story - any story - to try to sell their papers/attract viewers to their tv stations.

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I think any political leader who happily sings the Red Flag while refusing to join in with the National Anthem is destined to loose a lot of public support (including traditional Labour voters) 



Bill :)

Nonsense.  I would think quite the opposite and the tens of thousands of new members joining Labour since Corbyns election bears this out.  Many people can see through the Tory bull that is being vomited by the usual right wing rags and appreciate his straight forward , principled approach to politics.  He even brought a modicum of decorum to PMQs in his first effort, instead of the embarrassment it had become.

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