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Double shocker... I just clicked on my own name (something I never do) and it showed I joined on 1 December 2005.  Almost 10 bloody years ago....why am I still here :lol:

I remember sitting in this exact spot and joining and exactly why I did too like it was only yesterday.   I came across a topic on here about the demolition of Stockton Heath Primary School (my sons school at the time and my old primary school too) and only joined so I could reply to that.

So question.....can you all remember why you joined ?  

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According to my profile i joined on the 24th december 2003.

Must have posted on somethng christmassy at that time but what will forever elude me.

Tthinking about it probably just to wish everone a happy christmas. :roll:

I think you had another profile briefly and lost your log in :) Congratulations on breaking the 7k barrier!

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So are you saying you just want to engage with a 'select' group again who you can go for a booze up with then Peter :lol:  

Image if we ALL did go out for a meet up though (including the ones who still only look in from the outside these days :cry:   ) ....I reckon it would be front page news the next day for all the wrong reasons  :lol: :lol:

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