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Laurel & Hardy


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Discovered on twitter the other day that Laurel and hardy appeared at the Ritz in Warrington (Mr Smiths latterly) in 1952 - anyone on here old enough to remember?

Must have been a fantastic occasion?

With the 70th anniversary of that visit approaching I think it would be a good idea to have a special event so future generations can remember this comedy duo and learn more about them. You can't bit good old fashioned slap stick comedy - especially in black and white :)


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You really got my feet tapping there Wolfie even though it's a clip that I've seen before :D One of my favourite AC/DC songs too although I do have a few. 

I wonder if Gary's been doing those dance moves tonight to it if he's watched it  :lol: :lol:

Anyway, I tried googling their visit and the '28 days later' site says re the Ritz that  "Famous visitors include world-famous comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, who visited in 1952, not to entertain, but to promote performances in Southport and Liverpool "  

They cite Gordon Gandy's excellent 'My Warrington' website as the source but I cant find that actual info on there only that they did visit in 1952.

Maybe Gordon can tell us more if he is a member or reader on here :D

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