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Help required with this photo please.


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Warrington Walking Day 1911, the procession is winding its way along Church Street having just passed Orchard Street, the sign on the wall of Chamberlins Chemists Shop is advertising " Holloway's Pills & Ointments" a cure all for most human ailments. The pub The Gladstone Arms is on the opposite side of Orchard Street and has the Union flag flying from the top window.


There is a tricoulor flag flying from a bedroom window incorporating a small Union flag in its corner, any suggestions as to what flag this is, I thought it may have been the Irish flag but this wasn't used by the Irish Rebels until 1916 and the photo is 1911. Any suggestions please.





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I haven't got a clue Algy.  Shame it's not a colour photo.  I'm presuming it was red white and blue or two other colours (darker on at the bottom with white in the middle).

I've tried googling but can't find anything but will keep looking.

Could it be that the shop owner was foreign so they made their own incorporating their flag and the Union Jack ?  Saying that 1911 I guess people didn't do that sort of thing.

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Not sure if this helps at all but it's an old video of Warrington Walkings day in 1902 from the 'Getty Images' website.  There are kiddies carrying flags and some have Union Jacks' in the corners although not the same as the one in the photo but not ones I've ever seen before so I don't know why they would be carrying them and what the relevance was to the country or whatever they were for. 

I tried to watch it full screen and more closely in case I'd missed one like that in the photo with the intention of taking screen print copies too but I have too much open on my computer so it's grinding to a halt.

Lovely to watch though and who knows some of the people on it could even be our ancestors :D


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Cheeky young whippersnapper!.


If you go by the picture It appears that they did personalise flags at that time, the flag on the left is one I have never seen before it has the cross of St George with stars on the cross, the one on the right looks to be the Australian flag though.



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my thinking was that it may be a scout flag or a boys brigade one.


the one in the top picture could be an early british legion flag. They have a union flag in one corner and are blue with a yellow stripe, normally they have the name of the area on the yellow stripe.


the one with the stars in the second picture on the right could be Australia.


found this site and there is a flag shown that looks similar to the cross with stars on.



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