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Warrington on fire!!!


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I've been wondering the same recently too Gary as there certainly do seem to have been a lot. 

Maybe like you say it's because the fire brigade are reporting on them all rather than just the bigger ones but then again maybe not...maybe there has been a big increase on previous years.

Why don't you ask them :wink: 

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Somebody will probably trot out the fact that the schools are off as a reason for the increase as it is the usual thing to blame it on and always has been.(even when i was a nipper many many years ago) although why there should be an increase just because the scholls are off has always puzzled me, more so these days when the youth of today seem more concerned with keeping in touch via phone,web,text etc. so hardly ever leave the confines of the house or even bedroom.


unlike when i was younger when being in the house even on the rainiest of days was considered cruel and unusual punishment. (at least by me anyway).

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