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Are you looking forward to it?


10th year now...what's there to look forward to that will be any different to the last 9 years.  


Saying that maybe they will have a different boom boom bass beat and rhythm echoing over Warrington this year  :lol:   If only.....

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As expected.... must be awful for people who live there trying to get to their houses.  Saying that some roads are residents only like Hatton Lane.

Might have a drive past later just so I can moan :lol:

PS as local press are you allowed to go in Gary or are they not allowing photo's again ?

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Good grief I've never heard Creamfields so loud.  Have they changed the rules over sound levels or is it just because its a still night so the sound is traveling better ?

We always hear the boring boom boom beats when it's on, which by the way I've been able to hear since yesterday lunchtime but no big deal, but tonight I can hear all the actual music that goes with the booms too and it seems to be getting louder.

Have to say I did just rather enjoy the dance version of of Avici's 'Wake Me Up' (11.01pm).  I could hear the words and music as clear as anything and even found myself sitting down for a listen and singing along with it in my back yard.  I'd only gone out to bring my washing in.

Feeling quite chuffed that at last I recognise a song and knew all the words....I might go back outside now in case they play any Abba, Westlife, Bon Jovi or Quo (I know the words to all their songs).  A bit of Les Mis would be nice too :lol:

The people actually in there must surely be deaf by now :lol:


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I live right on the other side of town and I think last night was the first time I've heard it.

I got out of bed to close the windows to try and reduce it but they were already closed! Maybe the wind was carrying it more in our direction this time.

Not hugely annoying for us but understand how it might be for those living nearer.




Bill :) 

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I could hear the noise in Lymm louder than in previous years. Previously it has just been BOOM, BOOM, BOOM but I could hear the "singing" as well this year.

I was surprised to learn, from someone somewhat younger than I, that there were no live bands involved - just DJs playing recorded music!

And 70,000 people are prepared to pay £100 or so to go to it!!!    How sad - they want to get a life!

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Blimey I knew it was loud but never expected it to be heard that far away Lucy.  I can't see the attraction either if it was only DJ's and for some reason I thought they had live bands there.  How boring..

I wonder what Cream do with all the small camping tents they put up for campers. There were hundreds of them and I can't see the organisers cleaning them all and packing them up for the next event.  Probably all full of sick and god knows what else :|:lol:    People always seem to leave their wellies and chairs there too, and then theres all the 'lost' stuff so I wonder what happens to all that.

Anyone know ?

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