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Dear all

Could you please take a moment to follow this link and scroll down to the bottom and see if you can see the comment facility at the bottom of the page.

If you can't please let is know and what kind of browser you are using.

Please use the refresh facility to see if that makes it appear.


Thanks for your help

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tried it and could see the comments and the comment box  using firefox 39.0 will have a go with my other browsers and see if they can pick up the comments box.


well both google chrome and an old version of explorer can see the boxes. not sure what version of those i have as i never use them so not up to date versions.

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Yes I can see the them and I too am using Firefox 39.0.  

I didn't used to be able to see it when the facility was first added though and had to clear my browser cache to sort it but I told you about that at the time :wink:

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I have just tried with my (new) mobile phone and yes I can see the comment facility using that too.  No idea what browser it uses though as it just gave me the option to open with 'browser' or 'google chrome' so I clicked browser..

BUT I had to scroll down the page for absolutely ages past all the 'others read' and 'related articles' etc as they all appeared one under the other vertically.  15 finger swipes in total :blink:

I probably wouldn't have bothered going so far down if I hadn't know there was something at the end of it all :lol:

AND the little speech bubble that you can click on next to each news story (for leaving comments the quicker way etc) was hardly visible at all to me and I would have missed completely it if I hadn't already known it was there.

Can't say I liked using my mobile to look on the forum though and I found it rather stressful and it took me over 20 mins too do too... so I'm now back on my PC replying  :lol:

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Ah dizz the joys of modern phone technology.


one good reason for me to stick to my dual sim 2g non app phone. Makes calls, sends texts, takes pictures and video and has a handy torch function. does not need to update for twenty minutes when you turn it on. Does not replace your call list with your faceache friends list whenever it feels like. has simple buttons that you press to make calls etc. a radio and other simple functions. is dust proof, water resistant and drop resistant (not recommended to drop from higher than six feet according to manual) cost me £29.99.

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I don't suppose for one moment that you're comparing me with some grumpy old man  :wink:

And in any case I'm not quite ready to retire my semi just yet, I've still got mountains to climb and rivers to ford.

All my hard grafting work at the office is finally done btw so it's chill out time for a while to let the old bones recover a bit.


Bill :)

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