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Massey Hall, Half Acre Lane, Thelwall. (The Destruction Of).


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Yet another fine Warrington Hall has quietly hit the dust!

Massey Hall the home of William Peter Rylands and its estate grounds were sold off by WBC to a local multi millionaire who is building a large property that would be more in keeping on the Costa Del Sol or perhaps Florida, why does our town council persist in allowing such monstrosities to be built in our area.

Peter Rylands bequeathed the hall and estate to Warrington for educational purposes, how has it’s use been allowed to lapse and is this legal?.


Pseudo Spanish Hacienda on the Massey Hall Site, Half Acre Lane, Thelwall.




Massey Hall - Gone!.









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Sid, the trouble is, this body of people are charged with looking after our heritage, they don't do a very good job of it do they.

It is possible that the old house had been added on to, to such a degree that it would not have been cost effective to retain it for posterity, my gripe is if they had to demolish it then for gods sake replace it with a structure more in keeping with the other fine buildings in the area.

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Ey up where has my post gone where I mentioned the planning application from 2011 that approved the demolition ?  Damn I bet I didn't press the 'post' button before I went out at lunchtime :(

I also posted that NONE of the documents seem to be availablefor viewing on WBC's planning section of their website now though and that is the second time that I have looked for something on there in two days only to find NO DOCUMENTS SHOWING.  Not to mention the other times over the past few weeks where things seem to come and go as they please. 

Just call me paranoid but this is getting silly now and either the council really do need to sort their website out or they have somehow blocked me from looking at the planning section :evil:

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It is a shame that the old Hall has gone, but I have to say that new build does have a lot of character for a modern built building.... I would be very happy to live there :)


The Mondeo ST would have to go though

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