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Golden Gates Housing Trust


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I'm considering rented accommodation in the area but have read a lot of negative things regarding Golden Gates Housing Trust. I called into their offices and gave up waiting after 20 minutes, during which time three people entered the reception with grievances regarding their services. Am I correct in assuming that this is not a good option to take up in my search for somewhere to live? Any comments appreciated, thank you.

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Never having had dealings with them i could not say how good or bad they are. But from one or two comments that i have seen on faceache they do not have a very good reputation as regards tenants.


on the plus side they do have a nice shiny new purpose built office that you can feel really at home in whilst waiting to get sorted out. :mrgreen:


not really much help i am afraid but good luck in your search and welcome to the forum.

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Hi and welcome to the forum Inquisitor :D

Like Inky I have never had any dealings with them so I'm not going to be much help either I'm afraid, sorry.

They have had some very good press coverage over the past year on here and other places for all the awards they have won re both their housing and the way they support their tenants back into work or training with all the schemes they offer etc etc but whether in reality that makes them good landlords only their tenants can truly say.

I think they are involved with (or part of)  Helena Housing Trust and the Torus Group too so maybe worth searching those too for positive/negative feedback.

Sorry I can't be of more help and good luck in your search for a new home :D

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Ooops, I have no idea why I typed that Evils,  I must have just been having one of my 'practicing senior' moments. 

Please accept my sincere apologies and I hope I have not offended you or Inky too much :lol:

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I called at GGHT recently to drop some documentation off. I pulled up at the barrier and was promptly told to park elsewhere as it was staff only. Not a great start considering that the majority of people attending at GGHT are on benefits and parking fees are expensive in the town. Very difficult to actually speak to the person you really need to speak with, normally its a call centre type affair. I know from experience that the registering process on the Choose a Home choice based lettings system is laborious, laboured, time consuming, officious and downright difficult. Other registered social landlords in the North West are much more user friendly, sympathetic to persons with limited IT skills and less onerous in their approach. GGHT like to shine like a caring sharing beacon but in reality they are not......pretty poor in all aspects. I haver also discussed their approach to anti social behaviour and repairs with some of their tenants and it is wanting I am led to understand. 

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