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Flying the Flag - Armed Forces Day


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Nice to see some flags flying in Warrington today for Armed Forces Day.  Shame there weren't more events on to mark the day though :(

Anyway back to the flags.....

The Town Hall had the Armed Forces Day flag flying full mast.   Excellent :D

The old Techichal College had a union jack flag flying, as did a couple of other buildings. Excellent :D(although I didn't get photos of most of them as as my battery went)

And....wait for it.....there was a flag flying at the Cenotaph at Bridge Foot too which really caught my eye as I drove past.  Excellent :D  (well ok I nearly drove into the back of the car in front when I saw it).  I went back to take some pics though.

Now for the downside... The COUNCIL DIDN'T put the flag up at the Cenotaph, some local residents did and they bought it too !!    Surely that is not right and although commendable that there has been one flying on the Town Hall why did the council only put and Armed Forces Day flag there that not many people would see...why didn't THEY fly a flag at the Bridge Foot Cenotaph?

Surely it's not too much to ask on days like this :(

I'd just like to say though that the council and the maintenance team/gardeners are clearly working very hard to keep the whole Cenotpah area spotless and well maintained these days.  Can't fault them on that score and other than the lack of them flying a flag there today I can't fault the rest.





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I think you are correct, the town did not make enough of the day they should have raised the profile, also we are or at least were a garrison town so the military should at least have held some sort of parade.

The photos are a credit to you Dizz and the Town Hall is probably one of the best I have ever seen.

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Thanks for the kind words Algy.  It was a lovely day for taking photo's although it was a bit surreal standing at the Cenotaph as there was a big grey cloud overhead (as you can see in the pics) but all around was blue skies and white clouds.  Do you think I should have copyrighted them to the forum :wink::lol:

Getting back to the lack of events here to mark the day... I googled and everywhere else seemed to have loads of things on to mark the day.  All we seem to have had is one event inside the Gateway, Sankey Street, which was from 10am to 1pm and I missed it. 


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Well done Dizzy - it has been pointed out to me that the one on the cenotaph is upside down. I am ashamed to say I wouldn't notice unless it was pointed out to me so not having a go at anyone - but needs to be noted for next time.

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I'm rather ashamed to say that I didn't notice either Gary and I didn't know there was a right way to fly the flag.  Looking at my photo's again I can't see the difference between the top and the bottom, can someone please enlighten me please :oops:  

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Ahh finally got it after looking at my 6th uploaded pic.  It's to do with the width of the white stripes..wider stripe should be top left :D


Well ok after seeing the white stripe difference I googled too... blimey I never knew there was so much to flying the flag and as Gary says it needs to be noted for next time as clearly a lot of other people don't know either.  I will never fly one the wrong way up now though so good to know :D 


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Sorry that's what I meant when I said 'top left' as my mind works in a bizarre way and even though my pic shows it flying in the wind to the left of the pole I 'see' the flag being attached to the right hand side of the pole from the start.  I'm weird that way lol

Not good that the two were flown incorrectly though and how come no-one noticed. 

At least the old Training College (now a restaurant?)  had theirs the right way though.  Wonder how they got it up there though.......

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