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More Coppers?


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I think they are for specialist "anti terrorist work" rather than ordinary policing. It is all part of the Labour campaign to convince folk that the terrorist risk is increasing and that the period for detaining suspects should be increased.


It is not more "coppers" that we need, it is putting the ones we have to better use!

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They cannot afford to pay the coppers that they have and in Cheshire they cannot even afford the police force.

Where are they going to take these bobbies from?

New recruits? PSCO? specials? or the experienced one that we now have and need?

Who is going to pay cash strapped Cheshire for training new officers? It is certainly not going to be the Home Office; they will not face the responsibilities they have now.

Gordon Brown will have a cunning master plan, the public will pay.... Although he says he worries every morning about how the people are going to pay his errors of judgement.

Miss Smith want putting in a space craft and sending to Mars where she belongs.

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