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Cinnamon Brow - Parish Election 7th Feb 2008

Student Geoff

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Well it's official - nominations are about to be accepted for the Mick Curran's old Parish Council seat at Cinnamon Brow.


The number of people required to request an election have signed the appropriate form and an election will now take place.


I think nominations can be submitted between 3rd and 10th Jan and if more than one is received then an election will go ahead.


The cost for this maybe be in excess of 3,000 pounds which works out at 1,000/month as a fresh election will be called in May.


The Lib-Dems though that they could co-opt their candidate directly and avoid an election all together until it was pointed out that the date to receive nominations hadn't even started!


So if you?re fed up with politicians knocking on your door you will be if you live in cinnamon Brow by May.


I wonder who this band of people are who wanted to hold an election so close to May?


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Pete why not we are still part of Warrington and people from Cinnamon Brow do occasionally look in on the site. I don't think that you have scared them all away just yet. :wink:


After all the other parties may want to submit a form in for their candidates, I believe that FOE are keen and Paul's blue friend is biting at the bit. :wink:

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Here is the result for Cinnamon Brow Parish Council Election - Thursday 7th February 2008


Lib Dems - 259

Labour - 149

spoilt - 6


By my calculation that's a 20% turnout - not sure if that's good or bad for a Parish.


Not long to go until May for it to happen all over again.


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Phew thank goodness that's all over - my first crack at being a political agent but a great experience Paul as you will know. You learn so much about you and your team?s strengths and weaknesses.


The current position is as follows

LibDems and Labour rejectos - 5

Labour - 9


Chair remains in place no change for 12 months regardless of what happens in a by-election unless of course Brian dies, the deputy takes over - can't remember who that is.


80% monkey well if that's what you want to call those who chose no to vote so be it but I wouldn't - they could all be conservatives and Paul's Northern colleague has missed an opportunity - at least Wendy would have voted for the conservatives as probably would the spoilt votes so there's 7 already. OOp better stop there or they will be getting in :wink:


There was a factor in the election which I believe meant that we had lost before we began and voters had pledged an allegiance that they weren't going to break for the Parish but would possibly revert back for the General Election but that's life.


Having said all that I belive that both sides had to excellent candidates and it was a good clean fight with respect shown on both sides - something that is unusual these days.


At the end of the day the Parish is at the grass roots, we definitely deal face to face with the public - and Parish Councillors certainly don't need their binoculars to engage with their employees. :wink:

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