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Explosion Winwick Road


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It's all over facebook that there's been a explosion on Winwick Road in the past half hour or so.  People from Stockton Heath and Lymm have said they heard it (although I didn't probably because Mr Dizzy is snoring so loud) 

Some are saying it's Stobarts others are saying the Skip Hire place or scrap yard so not entirely sure where it is but from the photo it looks bad.  Anyone know or hear anything ? 

Hope nobody has been hurt :(

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Phew Cheshire Police have now tweeted "@CheshireFire and Police are at scene of a fire in North Warrington. The fire is contained and there is no cause for concern"  so hopefully not as bad as it looked and sounded.

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Have heard it is suspected arson. That was mentioned in the report by the G*********n about the fire at MR SMITHS last night. Looks like the youth centre plan is going on hold for a bit.


Odd really as they wanted to demolish the place then it was saved and certain predictions about fire were hnted at as a possible outcome.


Isn't it a listed building ? Maybe it will have to lie empty for a few years until a mysterious fire leaves the building with no alternative but demolition.

Post copied from the mr smiths topic. 8):ph34r:8)  (spooky, and ps can the person who made this quote let me have the numbers for the lottery this next week many thanks in advance)

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