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relocating to warrington help please


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I suppose the better areas of town are Winwick or Croft on the northern side or Stockton Heath ,Grappenhall ,Walton, Appleton or Lymm which are all on the southern side of town. All of the above are the "upmarket " areas with house prices to match.

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Hi there we are a family of 5 who 3 children under 6 are moving to warrington could people suggest areas to move good schools cheers

I had 10 good years in Whittle Hall which is 5 minutes from motorway junction, five minutes from a primary school and high school and a nice duck pond!

A short drive to your family down the road.

The downside is it can taker a while to get through town at rush hours, which can be pretty much most of the day!

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Warrington had the number one spot for pollution last week; caused by traffic exhausts.




Not that I doubt you at all, and I know you don't do links and stuff, but what was your source for that little snippet, obs?


NB: Ceefax ceased to exist a couple of years ago now.


doc - like most places, a lot depends on your price range, but generally (as you've probably worked out from the above) it goes something like this:


(parts of) Lymm/Stockton Heath = high end


(parts of and mostly) much of the rest = middling


(parts of and mostly) other places = cheaper


If you've got family around here they'd be able to help you out with the detail.


I don't think there's enough between the schools around here to make it a deciding factor in which part of the town I'd decide to live in, but that's just a personal opinion.


Wherever you might end up though, you'll be more than welcome: Warrington has a famously accommodating and agreeable community spirit and before you know it, within ten years you'll be on nodding terms with your next door neighbour.


That last bit was jokey, I don't do teh smilies.

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Probably the best places to live and the best schools are south of the Manchester Ship Canal. But this is reflected in house prices. To the north, Culcheth isn't too bad. Try to find somewhere where you can shop locally without having to travel into central Warrington.

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Firstly welcome to the forum. A psychiatric nurse could be of great help on here, some of the members could do with one at times (or at least some sort of psychiatric help, straight jacket etc. ) :roll:


I would say think about where you will be working (i assume you have a job lined up or are planning to find employment) as the commute can be a nightmare at times. Callands/old hall would be good if you work at the hospital as it is easy to walk from there to the hospital.


as for schools, not having children (that i know of  :ph34r:  ) i can not really advise you on that score. There is st gregorys(spelling?) near to callands/old hall and probably others in the immediate vicinity as to how good they are i could not say. ofsted reports seem to change a schools standing on a monthly basis these days and schools that had outstanding one month end up in special measures the next.


Anyhow best of luck with your search and try to ignore the diversions into irrelevancies. some members are known to drag a thread into such a shape that even the originator does not know what it was originally about. also note that there is an election due and some people just can't resist a bit of political sniping.

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not to worry i have lived in the bewsey/whitecross area for nearly 58 years without realising that it was ,

1) south warrington (although almost a mile north of town centre)

2) a deprived area. ( which would account for the state of the cobbles sorry footpaths in the street)


go figure.

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