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Interview with the new chief executive


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I don't know if it's a scheme brought in by Roger but the 2016 Easy Pay (8-month Standing Order) to spread the cost of season tickets is a good idea.


We need to improve the technology on our tickets, at Saints and some other stadiums the barcoded tickets make it much easier.  For season ticket holders we could have a card that you just tap to get in, it seems old fashioned to carry around a book bigger than my phone.  We could then even have a system where you can add/remove games from your season ticket.  I know it will cost quite a bit of money but we can't have these outdated systems.


I know that the media always complain about the WiFi so I'd sort that out, you want to make sure the media can get content about us out there quickly.


The service in the club shop was nicer and very quick when I went in on Wednesday.  In the past I've known customers have been spoken down to.


I agree we've got to encourage businesses and people that are new to Warrington to come.


Can he lower the cost of a pint?, at Saints it was £3.10 (acceptable for stadium pricing) £4 is just too far, especially when it's not quality beer.

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