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Walton Bridge (Grade II Listed) Repairs


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OK for starters a comparison of the photo I took on the 18th and one I took today which shows the brickwork on the canal side which has clearly now been aged. 

Looks quite good now in my opinion and better than the other bricks next to it that must have been an earlier repair looking at the type used. 



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a few more from today but no time to do side by side comparisons for them all so you'll just have to go back through this topic if you want to see how it was when they first started.









Shame they have put some badly chipped sandstone block back on though...


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has it been aged or is that just the lime coming from the mortar?

Looked aged to me and that's what they said they were going to do when the poop hit the fan... saying that I don't know anything about bricks but certainly looked a lot different and better to me today.  Isn't lime from mortar usually white and in ugly patches ?

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And now for my favourite photo of the day....... how long until it gets damaged again I wonder !!


Fair play to the driver though as he was very careful and drove over very slowly but seeing what little room he had in a van that size made me realise even more

what an idiot the lorry driver had been who trashed it.



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My apologies Dizzy for confusing you (and probably all others reading this topic) with my repetitive emails (out of practice on the forum) and possibly incorrect information concerning excluded Listing of Walton and Walton Lea canal bridges Grade 1 or Grade 2. My information has come from looking at Warrington BC's website and linking to Warrington's Listed Buildings - 17 pages which can be downloaded as a pdf. The above 2 bridges are not on the list and you may share my view that there are several entries of dubious merit for inclusion which is why I mentioned the Toastrack canal bridge as also excluded. Paul K's sterling work over the past week has included discussion on the status of Walton Bridge with the local Inspector of English Heritage, David James. who has told Paul that as the bridge is not owned by a local authority it is not listed Grade 1 or 2 or indeed listed at all and scope of repairs is something for agreement between WBC and Peel. Does this mean that English Heritage only lists local authority properties and there is a separate List for privately owned buildings/structures which merit Listing protection. Now I am as confused as every body else. Also I have raised the matter of part of the bridge being within the Walton Conservation area map and wonder what protection Conservation status gives.


Interesting pics of the recovered bricks and copings on and off the old Manchester Ship Canal maintenance barge. Where's the location or have you had to sign the official Secrets Act ?? The original sandstone copings look good for reuse and the 11 new ones will never blend in. I think they are what is known as reconstituted stone and no amount of distressing by a stone mason will make them into genuine sandstone. I regularly drive/walk over Dunham Massey canal bridge (near the village Hall) and the same kind of copings were used there over 10 years ago and remain an eyesore along side the old copings.

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