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1)To protect the most vulnerable - By cutting services to the elderly living at home while still offering free parking to staff and increasing the number of councillors and increasing allowances?

2)Grow a strong economy - By refusing to allow the building of a supermarket and retail food outlet on an area of land (near Liverpool Road) even though there is a promise of quite a few new jobs.....On an area that is massively overgrown and which has been welcomed by local residents but for some reason the council seem to be blocking it by using strange excuses that didn't seem to apply when the stuff on the old Fordton Leisure site was allowed

3)Build strong, active and resilient communities..... Don't we have those already?

4)Create a place to be proud of..... Well I am proud to a Warringtonian..... well apart from the skittles and the fact that the council have overseen the demolition of every single major wire and steel manufacturing company in the town without as much as a street name to identify our once vibrant manufacturing heritage

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Believe there's a girl working in a Council Office, in charge of "street names".  Street names are usually proposed by the developer, BUT can be decided by the Council, prompted by public or local councillor concerns.  The new estate off Battersby Lane has a couple of street names to remind us that Rylands Wire once stood there; there's several streets near the old US base named after US States; which will provide clues to future historians. But I agree Baz, not enough thought and effort seems to be applied to it.

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