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Just wondering if anyone on here is interested in a free to good home elderly cat. It would be better suited to not too young children if anyone is interested. It used to belong to my late daughter & we can't have because my wife is allergic to cats.



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Sorry to read about your daughter Davy.

Not me though I'm afraid as I have a dog who has a bit of a dislike of cats.

A little word of warning though and I hope you don't mind me saying.  Obviously we are all nice people so no problem asking on here but don't advertise your little cat on any facebook groups or other websites as a lot of dogs and cats that are free get taken by seemingly 'nice' people offering lovely forever homes when in fact they are used for dog baiting and the likes.  I'm sure you already know that and wouldn't be so daft but if I hadn't said anything I wouldn't sleep tonight for worrying.  I'm a member on the 'Find Harvey/Harveys Law' facebook group and it's frightening just how many people are not aware of the dangers and how often it happens.

Anyway all that aside I hope you find a lovely home for your cat very soon. 

It might be worth you contacting Warrington Animal Welfare.  They are absolutely fantastic people I'm sure they would be able to help you find a new home for him/her. They have a website and facebook page and are now located down Slutchers Lane near to where the RSPCA place is.   

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