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Combination. Barge jammed under bridge AND tide trying to lift it.Either boat got crushed or bridge lifted, my money was on crush. However barge was pulled clear,don't know what by.Did the tug Bennett ever work round Warrington? Know it was used to drag e.g Humber Trader through the mud in the Walton Lock arm into Warrington Timber Pool then onto canal to bring grain back down for Faircloughs mills. Last trip by her and sister was 1985 I think.

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Probably my warped sense of humour and nosiness but I'd loved to have been there watching the barge being stuck and rising with the water.  I bet the owner didn't think it was fun though.

Was it one of those big old concrete barges or a small one ?

As for the Bennett and the Humber Trader I've never heard of those but I don't know much about the boats that worked the canals. I'd have loved to have seen those too though as I'm not far from Walton Locks but lived over the other side of Stockton Heath pre 1990's so never really looked at the locks and timber yard area when it was all still up an running.  I remember the timber yard burning down though.

When you say the Humber Trader was dragged through the mud at the locks do you mean down the old river that's now pretty much filled in and dried up and used to meet the Mersey on Chester Road or the other way up the river branch that used to run up along Wilderspool Causeway to Bridge Foot ?

Was that too many questions in one post, sorry but I find it really interesting :oops:  :lol:

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