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Greyhound Racing game made in Warrington

GL 2484

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I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable people can shed any light on this  Greyhound racing game. It was made by the 'Authentic Model Co. Ltd , Warrington. The kind of information I am looking for is where the company was located, what date is the game etc.


Also is it worth any money as the guy who owns it is interested in selling.








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The photo's are really tiny GL 2484 and I can't see what it says on the last two.  Any chance you can upload bigger ones?

It may/may not be relevant but there was a greyhound track/stadium in Warrington on the land between Gartons and Slutchers Lane so I'm guessing the game was made because of that.  The track opened in 1931 and closed in 1958 so that could give an idea of the age of the game if they are linked.

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On your first pic it says 'Made by Authentic Model Co Ltd' and the word 'Warrington' is under that. That's the only one I can read.

So far I can't find anything at all about a company of that name actually being in Warrington and my mind is saying that the makers are named and the track is that of Warrington and the connection in that way as Warrington was an independant track ran under National Greyhound Racing Club rules (according to google)

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I had to resize the photos as the forum wouldn't let me upload more than 24kb total , then after the first one was uploaded it went down to 7kb . So I cannot upload them any bigger.


I actually made an error in the description, it is a 'WHIPPET' racing game. The game is constructed with Bakelite frame , green painted wood track, Yellow metal whippets x 4 , a battery compartment for the old 2 cell cloth bound batteries and a Bakelite knob on the battery end of the box. I assume it works either on a magnet moving the Whippets along or similar to the old 'Escalado' horse racing game where vibrations move the horses along the track.


It does look like it is 1930's - 1950's vintage, the price on the box is 45 shillings.

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Yes it's very limiting uploading direct to the forum due to size limitations and allowed storage space per member.  That's why I always upload my stuff to Photobucket (which is free) then I post the direct link to the photo in my post.  The photo's show on screen and large in the forum post then.   Much better way :wink:

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did have an internet word with a few people yesterday and one person turned up an autentic model comapny limited that is still trading using company check. they were established in 1952.


That seem a bit late for the info provided as most similar items around trend towards the 1930's - 40's.


still awaiting word from one source who I use and can usually be relied on for info on all sorts of interesting items like the one shown.

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Company Details spacer.gif


  Name & Registered Office:





BN15 8TE 

Company No. 00514141


  spacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifStatus: Dissolved 24/12/2013 

Date of Incorporation: 11/12/1952


Country of Origin: United Kingdom  Company Type: Private Limited Company

Nature of Business (SIC):

46900 - Non-specialised wholesale trade Accounting Reference Date: 30/06

Last Accounts Made Up To: 30/06/2011  (DORMANT)

Next Accounts Due

Last Return Made Up To: 23/04/2013

Next Return DueMortgage: Number of charges: 5 ( 0 outstanding / 5 satisfied / 0 part satisfied ) 

Last Members List: 23/04/2013 Previous Names: Date of change Previous Name 05/06/1992 PLANTATION WOOD (LANCING) LIMITED 01/02/1988 SOLARBO LIMITED

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Well done Baz and the incorporation date is 6 years before Warrington's greyhound track closed too.....

So a Sussex company made a game based on Warrington's track (hence the word Warrington' on the box) rather than the company being based in Warrington, would you agree ?

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Just looking at your pic reminded that we used to have one of those golliwog type money boxes with the arm in the centre of the pic when we were kids.  I remember putting pennies on it and the arm went up and the man gobbled them up.  I wonder where that went. 

Sorry to go off topic for a minute.

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Possibly too late for this topic, but I just bought a 1939 copy of Flying magazine, in which there was an advertisement for 1/24th scale rubber band powered flying model aircraft sold by The Authentic Model Company. It had a photograph of a model of a Percival Mew Gull (at 3/6d) and a mention of a Miles Trainer at 5/-. No mention of a greyhound game though. 


The address was: 44 Legh Street, Warrington, Lancs. 

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Interesting that. wonder if mum has any recollection about a shop like that down there. will have to ask if i can remember to.


As for the golliwog money bank, my gran had one of those as well (pc regs make it against the law to put in what she called it) :oops: :oops:

the one she had though was wearing a white had like the (oppositeof white) and white minstrels wore. lever at the back which you pressed down to raise the arm. and his eyes would roll down and also his ears would turn.


Oh and welcome Benji2015.

never tyo late for reviving a topic of this type as it does jog peoples memeory that theye were looking for info on something bfore getting distracted. also gives us another angle of attack o it via model shops and magazines.

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Well remembered to have a word with mum about the shop in leigh street. she does remember one being there but was unsure of the name. she did seem to think that there was an attached workshop to it where they used to make toys. she also said that she remembers that they used to have horses and jockeys for the racing game on display with different colours for the jockeys.


so wonder if any old trade directories for warrington will list it?

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