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Postal Voting still open to fraud -


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This is the "Tory" in question, in an article from today's Times. There does seem to be a common theme in many of these voting fraud cases :wink: :


".........a Conservative councillor guilty of vote rigging by using postal ballots in the names of hundreds of ?ghost voters? fraudulently added to the electoral register. Eshaq Khan was stripped of his council seat in Slough, Berkshire, and banned from holding office for five years after being found guilty of corrupt practices"


Interesting to note the place in question is Slough, given the highly publicised comings and goings of its immigrant community, it must be a nightare for its council to maintain an accurate Electoral Roll.


Personally as a candidate, I never get involved with voter's actual postal ballots...although I understand some parties encourage their candidates to visit nursing homes to offer "assistance".

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