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Warrington Earthquake...


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What's the largest one ever recorded in Warrington ? 

I remember one years ago when I worked at BNFL.  I was going up in the lift at the time and it shuddered but I never thought anything of it thinking it was just the lift until the doors opened and everyone looked like startled rabbits. 
Filing cabinets, desks and everything else had shaken the force of it and it really freaked everyone out.  I was quite miffed that I'd missed it.

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The largest one ever in the UK was in 1984 and was a magnitude 5.4. I remember being woken by the bed headrest banging against the wall (for the wrong reasons) and my then little son running in asking what's going on. Looking out of the window, the neighbors were all out in their pjs looking up at their chimney pots but there wasn't any damage I could see.


The epicenter was near Porthmadog which was exactly where we were due to holiday the following week. While there, we had regular aftershocks that was similar to standing by a railway as a goods train went by but what surprised me the most is that you could actually hear it.


I've felt others since then but they've been nothing special.


Bill :)


PS Surprised nobody's blamed it on fracking (yet) :P

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