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Does anyone use the on-line conctact centre?

Geoffrey Settle

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I just wondered if anyone has been sending emails to the WBC Contact Centre and if so what sort of response they get?


I have been for a few months now and some of the time I do receive a reply with a reference number. After this there is quite often a long silence that goes on and on without reply.


Do they have a service level agreement with their customers i.e. YOU?


Mind you I did get a verbal resonse from one of my LIB/DEM councillors at a recent Parish meeting mocking me as she read my comments from the text out loud. Maybe she's the blockage in the process.


Have you had a similar experience and if so how did you get feedback and action?

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If you ask your wise friend I'm sure that he will say that it is because the Councilors should be fielding some of the queries, monitoring it's performance and being aware of the need for improvements that they will have to sanction.


I could be wrong and it may be nothing to do with them until it becoames successful and then they will be harping on about how great it is and what a wonderful idea of theirs it was.


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I used it the other day, I and a few others hadnt put the green bins out and when I saw the team looking to collect realised we hadnt had a new collection callendar. I sent an email and got a very fast response offering to send one out.

(did you get one for 2009/9 Geoff ?)


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No, still got the 2007/08 sticker on the bin lid. Mind you our bin has only a few bit and pieces in it so I didn't put it out last month of this week. This means that they wouldn't have had a chance to stick one on or anyone else in the close as very few if anyone put their bins out.


I will give your recommendation a try plus TLC asked me to chase up an issue for her yesterday.

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Just received this morning the following email:


Reference number 80416


Thank you for your email,


I can confirm that I have today posted out several Green bin stickers to

your address for yourself and neighbours (should they require them),


Kind Regards,



Contact Warrington

and reference number 66838CES


Good Morning


Thank you for your recent email with regards to the street cleansing, I have sent this over to our street services team for them to investigate. This will be within the next 5 working days. You reference number is 66838CES.


Kind Regards


So the system does work.
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Originally posted by Watercolour:

Well you can use the calender to strain the fruit and veg before you put them in the green bin.


You can then check the calendar to check when you should put the bin outside for collection.


you need a colander for the fruit and veg.

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