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Warrington town centre


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Good to see the crackdown in the town centre but not sure about things going wrong?


If anything the town centre in the cultural area is better than it has been for many a year and even i have started venutiring there on occasions now!

The new Institution bar is a great town centre bar, with a strict admission policy at weekends including a dress code.

If other venues followed their lead it would soon eliminate a lot of the bone heads!

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I've never even heard of that bar.  The link says it's in the old Treasury Building but isn't that the one that's been empty for ages and is currently being gutted or have I got my building muddled up ?

I've never been to any of the bars or restaurants in town so can't really comment individually on which are good or bad... I just don't like night time town centre as a whole.

As for 'who wants to visit the Institution bar anyway'.... Gary clearly does so that's a score of 1 so far :lol:

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I've been to the Institution Bar, it was good as are the Palmyra and the Lounge.  Not really used the Quarter but it looks good.  My favourite though is 9Gallon, opposite Dawsons on the corner of Legh Street, lovely little real ale bar with great staff.  

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