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Old Photos Of Warrington.


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c1906. Final Demolishing old properties in Bridge Street in preparation for widening.



1907. Olivers shop window signs read - Building Coming Down, For Sale By Auction.



1897. Looking from Rylands Street toward Bridge Foot.



1905. Towards the corner of Bridge Street & Sankey Street, showing Crampton's 'English' Store.



1908 Warrington Bridge Street



1908 Warrington Bridge Street looking toward BridgeFoot



1910. Seven Stars Yard, later the Royal Oak Yard awaiting demolition.



1910. Tram waiting for passengers at the top of Bridge.



1911. Bridge Street.



1887 Bridge Street


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Ah but you didn't say that... you said "1907. Olivers shop window signs read - Building Coming Down, For Sale By Auction" and I can't read the writing on the actual photo on my screen or with my eyes so that's why I always rely on you and yours :lol:

PS are you shouting at me by the way re the use of CAPITALS :lol:x

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Enjoyed looking at these photographs of Warrington'centre in the early 20th century , especially as I haven't seen them before. I am a new member. I was born and brought up in Warrington, and have searched for photographs of Winwick Rd where my Mum was born and my grandparents lived. They have all been pulled down, including The Horse and Jockey! They've turned the church i was married in into a climbing studio! Grandad was born in Watkin st and that's gone too. I can hardly recognise the place when we visit relatives living there.





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Hi and welcome to the forum whitewitch (great name by the way :D  )

Yes lots of changes along Winwick Road and everywhere else and like you say hard to recognise some places at times if you've been away.  I think I might have some old photo's of Winwick Road area but I have a feeling they may be further down towards Winwick Street area so I'll check.  

Algy's the man when it comes to old photo's of anywhere and he has way more than I have these days.

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I can't quite get my bearings Baz.  Is Winwick Road the long straight road on the upper right with the church on it and if so what are the buildings with the tall chimney behind the church ? 

Is the church what is now the climbing centre and the large chimney part of Walkers Brewery?

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