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The Few.


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Seems 1st April was the anniversary of the formation of the RAF in 1918, by the amalgamation of the RFC and RNAS. They faced a critical test in 1940, when a British rarity of advanced planning and organisation, AND radar; allowed Fighter Command to defeat the Luftwaffe, and a possible invasion of these Islands. A stroke of real luck, that we had competant folk in the right place at the right time - unlike the shambles of today. :roll:

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Originally posted by mike_b:

It was a close thing though,could have easily gone the other way,then this would be a German speaking forum. :o

lol ist schonpassiert das wir Deutsch geschrieben haben!! lol

Its happened already that we have had a German on here and there was a bit of posting inGerman but i got a bit of a telling off from a certain lady..but i do agree it could of gone the other way if adolf hadnt attacked Russia he would of had the manpower to take the UK without a problem..


Well thats what i think anyway..




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