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Local war veterens charity targetted by thieves !


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Thing is, theft is wrong and theives have little conscience regarding their victims. Until we get criminals to have a social conscience these things will keep happening. Oh and good luck teaching morals, ethics and scruples to thieves.

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no argument there inky. saw a case yesterday where a child rapist is to be freed from prison by the judge despite the fact he has shown no remorse whatsoever. 

Even his own lawyers say that.

But because of the circumstances behind his original sentence ( something to do with when the offences were commited being outside current law rulings on people like him) the judge has no choice, as to keep him jail in would be a breach of his human rights.

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I think we can blame the original trial judge for that one.


He was sentencing on offences from before the law changed to allow indeterminate sentences, but applied an indeterminate sentence anyway.


If he'd just handed down 10 years, there could have been no appeal and the beast would still be in jail.


I'd kind of expect our judges to know the law better than that!

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