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How Much???####


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Perhaps it is time we took a leaf out of the french play book and started to blockade the ports and airports.


It does seem to be sending the wrong message though. Be good and cut things to the bone and get your country back on a sound financial footing and we will demand more money from you. do nothng and spend like mad to leave yourself with massive debt and we will let you have more money from the pot.


The thing that amuses me slightly about it is the demand that it be paid by december 1st. Just wondering what will happen when we say can't afford it. Will they send in the bailiffs? But we have not said we will not pay but that we will negotiate payment to either get it reduced or to arrange payment at a later date.


I will make a suggestion that we pay £1000 per month for the next few million years or at lest a sum per annum that would cost more to process the transaction than they would recieve as payment.


The uk is one of the biggest contributors to the EU and are being asked for more, whilst the likes of france and germany are to get the benefits of that as a rebate on what they would be paying in. (note it is not just the uk that is being squeezed in this manner as any other eu memeber that has shown a "profit" is also being asked to pay more in)


so why are we being asked to pay more because of the drug dealers etc. who have boosted our economy belive it or not.


The surcharge follows an annual review of the economic performance of EU member states since 1995, which showed Britain has done better than previously thought. Elements of the black economy - such as drugs and prostitution - have been included in the calculations for the first time.

Again the wrong sort of message being sent. instead of arresting the dealers and growers perhaps we should encourage them and really get the economy going. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted::mrgreen:

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At the end of the day, successive UK political Leaders have signed up to these bizarre rules (Maastricht, Lisbon etc);  did their civil servants not go through the small print with a fine tooth comb?  And if they knew, with each new signing, that we were being sucked into a United States of Europe, rather than the original free trade area; why did they sign?

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The idea that this has come as some kind of surprise to the government is laughable. Call me Dave is using this as a way of getting UKIP supporters on his side. It will fail of course.

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