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The Jewel in Warrington's Crown

Hill Cliffe walker

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The jewel in the Warrington's crown will shine again in a Recital tomorrow in the Parr Hall, Warrington given by two accomplished Organists.

This will be a memorable event, and hopefully this fine instrument will continue to be more than just a memory, that is if Warrington Borough Council doesn't decide to let it go to Sheffield Cathedral.

We proved that people were willing to travel from far and wide to hear this fine instrument last March - and there's no reason why we can't do it again !!!

This is the link to a recent article about the town's Organ by Cheshire Life reporter, Robert Beale.



Show your support, and we will be able to keep it here.

I saw this on organrecitals.com

Wednesday 22 October 2014 – 7:30
Parr Hall, Warrington
admission £5 / concessions £4.50
Benjamin Chewter and Michael Wynne

Full details, including stop list and location map:

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I would like you to see this comment I made about recent happenings around the 1870 C-C Organ.

In 1833, the Cavaille-Coll family moved from Toulouse to Paris to put in a
Tender for the Organ of St Denis.
More recently, someone else from Toulouse travelled to Warrington last week - this time to hear the 1870 Cavaille-Coll Organ in a Recital in the Parr Hall.
He Is Mathieu Delmas.
Mathieu has given me a great deal of information about organs in France - but not just those of Cavaille-Coll.
Toulouse is home to many fine organs - the first one to come to mind is that of Saint-Sernin. http://www.toulouse-les-orgues.org/les-orgues/un-patrimoine-exceptionnel/toulouse-city-of-the-organ.html?lang=en

Not only was Mathieu in Warrington for last weeks Recital, but also for the visit, on Monday, when fifty members of The Organ Club were in the Parr Hall as part of their tour of Organs in the Region.
I had tried to message Mathieu about this visit, but it turned out that he hadn't received my message.
I was delighted to see him up there at the console, being registrant and page turner for those who were playing the C-C.
I later found that he had been invited by a friend who was part of that group - so you can imagine my surprise.

To hear Professional Organists playing this instrument here in Warrington that day was almost a surreal experience. It came to me that they were playing the music of those Organist/Composers who had actually played this 1870 C-C Organ when it was either in the avenue du Maine - Paris demonstration hall, or in Bracewell Hall, Nr Skipton.

It will be a memorable occasion for a long time to come.


End of my comment.

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