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Warrington Model Railway Exhibition: 18th & 19th October 2014


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Warrington Model Railway Club present their 40th Model Railway Exhibition.


22 first class Model Railway Layouts on show to entertain families and enthusiasts alike.


Little ones can drive  “Thomas the Tank and Friends” !


An extensive range of model railway traders and railway preservation groups


“Help for Heroes” charity stand       



Venue: Warrington Collegiate, Winwick Road (A49), Warrington WA2 8QA


Opening times:   Saturday  18th October -        10am to 5pm                                                            

                           Sunday 19 th October -       10am to 4:30pm


 -       Ample free parking

.        Refreshments

.        Wheelchair access 

.        Public transport access via Warrington on buses 19 or 20 from interchange/bus station (opposite Central station)


A street map of the area and directions are available from MultiMap


 Prices: Adults £5.00; Children £1 (aged 5-16 with an adult): Infants free.


Further information on:



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Like all kids used to be into model trains but not these days. Mrs sid would be intrested though as she has always wanted a model train set.


Remember going to one at the parr hall many many years back and having a great time watching all the trains crackling round the tracks and marvelling at the detail in the layouts. Also the first time that i saw the film "london to Brighton by steam in three and a bit minutes" (might have been longer not sure as it was a fair while back) Only other one I went to was at the masonic lodge but the layouts were a little dissappointing as not many exhibitors managed to turn up and public turn out was lacking.


so who knows if i can trust the dog to behave for an hour or so may get down there with Mrs Sid and have a wander round.

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I've taken the kids to the Rainhill exhibition several times and it's always been enjoyable but Warrington is a little more convenient..

I especially enjoy some of the older layouts because they're a bit of a trip back in time for me.



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If Bill wants to drive "Thomas the Tank" then I'll make sure he gets the chance!  No weight limit !


The standard of the layouts you'll see are excellent, I assure you. Judging from last few years, it gets very busy especially from opening time to lunchtime. Afternoons are a good time to come along if you don't like the crowds…but don't leave it too late!


The venue is brilliant. Nice, bright hall. The space is a bit of a challenge from a planning point of view - but that's not your problem!


Refreshments are at "student-prices" too !



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managed to go on sunday but only for an hour due to other commitments. enjoyed what time i had there though and wondered how many hours even some of the smaller exhibits had spent on then such was the detail. managed to get a few pictures and two short videos but not easy due to the amount of people there. will post one or two when i get the chance. only one that i didn't manage to get a decent picture of was teh one that had the house on fire. three times i tried got jostled twice and the third was just too dark to make out details properly. will have a go at them with photoshop and see if i can get a better result.


just a pity really that i did not get to spend more time there. problem now is that Mrs sid now wants a model railway.

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