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parks ?

Evil Sid

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Wondering why there are only eleven "parks" listed in the "vote for your favourite warrington park".




That is until I looked at the list and saw that there are actually only six that could be classed as "Parks" and only three of those have park in their name the others being a dam,a moss and a garden. Of the remaining five, four are cemetries and the other is a crematorium.


Now it may be just me but I thought a park was where you could take the kids for a nice day out and let them play in safety and fresh air, not something that could be done in a cemetary (unless you happen to be the Addams family that is). Then again maybe warrington cemetaries are becoming more child friendly and running competitions like gravestone treasure hunts or spot grandmas grave.


To my mind a cemetary or a crematorium is not a park but a place of solemnity and definitely not a place for a picnic (again unless you are the Addams family or possibly a goth)


One of warringtons largest parks is not on the list probably because it is not classed as a "green flag" site sankey valley park. I am sure there are other places that people would consider as more suitable.

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