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Lt Kije

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How simple you are - the current NUMBER ONE issue in the minds of the majority of the electorate is IMMIGRATION. I've not noticed any rhetoric from  the toga and sandal Greens against it.  Whilst an exit from the EU and ECHR is required, if the Greens are offering a referendum on Europe, that merely puts them in line with the Tory Party. From now on, each and every election will be a referendum on Europe & Immigration, and there's only one Party committed to getting us out. As for re-nationalisation; NO Party is offering that, but that no doubt will become an issue; as and when we get the EU out of the way - it's about priorities.

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The Green Party favours a referendum on the EU because they are opposed to the extremely undemocratic way the EU is currently structured, as well as the unsustainable neoclassical economic ideology that the EU actively promotes. The Green party would prefer to see the EU reformed from within to make it more democratic and more accountable. They would also like to ditch the ideological obsession with the neoclassical economic orthodoxy and the ridiculous single currency experiment.


The Green party is committed to a referendum of the EU, but they have not decided which side of the debate they would side with. They want the referendum because they believe that the debate would trigger reform of the EU, however if major reforms are not forthcoming, it seems highly likely that the Greens would campaign for an EU exit, since the structures and objectives of the EU as currently constituted are fundamentally incompatible with the core Green values of democracy and sustainability.


Let me get this right Obs, you did stand for the Labour Party ?

How about the re nationalisation of the railways,

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Which is what I read - which means they want a referendum, just like the Tory Party; assuming of course that they can't change it first - which btw, they (like the Tories), have got absolutely no chance of doing. Reason - the majority of the 27 are net recipients of EU funding (from us), so it's in their interests to retain the status quo; while even poorer countries like the Ukraine queue up to join this fiscal food bank, and send their workers and shirkers over here. You obviously don't read my replies: "No Party" is offering re-nationalisation at the moment; and assuming we can ditch the EU & ECHR; clear out the 2million illegals plus the EU immigrants; then we can support a party (if any) that promises re-nationalisation - it's about priorities Kije.

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