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Liverpool/Manchester railway

Mr. Cow

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Hi All,


I was looking at some old photo's of the CLC (Liverpool - Manchester) railway line in Warrington, some of which showed a line running through Dallam.


It looks like there used to be a Warrington "avoiding" line which went straight from Sankey to Padgate (you can still roughly make out the route of the trackbed today!), and another line which forked off from Sankey to Padgate via Warrington Central.


I was just wondering if anyone knew which of these routes opened first and why the avoiding line was closed? Does anyone happen to have any pictures of the line through Dallam?


Also, there are 2 railway bridges at Froghall lane (at the junction with Midland way). One of the bridges is disused but when you look at it on google earth, its position/alignment makes no sense in relation to the current railway line. Does anyone know what this disused bridge was used for? Sidings perhaps?


Thanks :)


**EDIT** Sorry, just realised this would probably be better in the history section - mods feel free to move.

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The original  route planned was the "direct line" (straight from  Sankey Junction to Padgate Junction) with a station at Winwick Road but they realised it was too far out of the town centre so diverted the line to swing south to the town centre with a station (Central), opened in 1873. (Possibly also to get to the town centre works like Rylands) Then (mainly for freight that didn't need to call at Warrington) the "avoiding line" (the original straight route) opened on 13th August 1883, and closed March 1969. http://www.8dassociation.btck.co.uk/SignalBoxes/TheCheshireLinesCommittee


Map and pics of bridges (Lovely Lane/Folly Lane) and (?) Jockey Bridge (Winwick Road) at http://dartslf.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=675

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no pictures but do remember the line as it went along the end of the street I grew up on. Used to carry coal wagons mostly and ran behind dallam loco sheds and past clapgates crescent.


there would be coal wagons rumbling past for about ten minutes at a time and the houses in the street used to shake if they were clogging on a bit. Probably why I don't jump or notice loud noises much. Grew up with the noise of the steam trains form birth great if you were a trainspotter. I was told that there was a spur that went to burtonwood airbase at one time to supply the camp with freight.

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