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Is £10 million enough

Evil Sid

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To allow a test area for driverless cars in a town or city.


The uk are to allow driverless cars on the public road from next year. Previously they pledged self driving cars to be trialed on public roads by the end of 2013.


Seems the treasury will create a £10 million prize fund for any town or city willing to allow driverless cars to be tested in them.


Given the amount of traffic snarl ups and the like on an avergae warrington day, We could prove to be the ideal place.loads of 20 limit areas, roads at a stand still in "rush" hour. how much damage could a driverless car do given those circumstances.

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:lol: :lol:

Surely it will be very boring 'driving' a driverless car and I wonder if you could be charged for falling asleep while sat at the wheel that you aren't actually controlling.

Mmmm or how many other drivers who may freak out and have accidents if they saw you not holding your steering wheel or doing whatever else you could be doing while your car is in charge :wacko:

How would other drivers know yours is 'driverless' rather than that you are just being a prat ?


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IMHO, that amount of money is nowhere near enough.


In regards to Warrington, and other communities suffer from traffic congestion, driverless cars are certain to increase it until everybody has one. There will be other problems also.


I fully agree with Dizzy in the fact that they will be boring.

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Depends on which version of the sat nav program they will use. Given the reliability of satnavs it could be anything but boring. every journey a mystery tour, seeing places in the warrington area that you have probably never heard of let alone seen before.


Mind you it could prove a boon to the unscrupulous retailer who hacks into the system and puts their shop in as the one you have currently selected as your destination.

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