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Premiership Season 2014-15


Premiership 2014-15  

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  1. 1. Who will win the league?

    • Chelsea
    • Man City
    • Man United
    • Arsenal
    • Liverpool
    • Tottenham
    • Everton
    • Some other team

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 With just over 2 weeks to go the latest betting shows:-


Chelsea at 2/1

Man City at 2/1

Man United at 5/1

Arsenal at 6/1

Liverpool at 10/1

Tottenham at 66/1

Everton at 125/1


I'm still voting for my team, but after last years performance I'm not confident.

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Totally agree Adrian, as alg put it Suarez was untameable  and City got rid of Balotelli for the same reason.


I would have thought that after all the controversy with Suarez over racial slurs and biting that the last thing Liverpool needed was more controversy.

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The short term answer to that is Yes, although there's a long way to go before they become a Leeds United. :wink:


As for being robbed well probably, although Real wanted £75m. However I can remember when fans from certain football clubs said that no one will want to go to Man United because they weren't in the Champions League, all of a sudden it's changed to that they are paying too much, and I don't think the transfers have ended.

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I don't know Wolfie, sadly Leeds are going absolutely no where, and the way Man united are playing at the moment you never know. I think it's sad that when a player has signed for a club on a record transfer fee he goes to the papers and says he never wanted to leave the old club, he should be saying he is looking forward to playing for such a big club. In all honesty I hope he earns his money for you, but I do think his attitude stinks.

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