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Has anyone seen the Bradd Pitt& Angelina Joley movie


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Last night Ashton Kutcher was on the Letterman show and he says he went to see it with Demi Moore and a friend of hers. Says he thought he was going to see an action hero film, but it turned out it was mostly Brad's naked body -- and the disturbing thing was Demi and her friend kept sighing to Ashton's discomfort. Wait a minute, Brad Pitt was in Troy. Wasn't Angelina Jolie in Alexander -- isn't that Colin Farrell and Val Kilmer with... no,.... never mind. Suffice it to say, Ashton said he then hired Brad's personal trainer to get himself into condition for Demi.


Ooops. I'm talking about two OLD movies and you are referring to some new epic that probably hasn't been released yet.


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