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Labour's trivial pursuits -


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With the Country on it's knees; and in need of fundamental surgery; we're being treated to Labour's ideas on sorting things out.  Ed is going to host a public PMQs at Westminister, for all those that can afford or be bothered to take a trip down to London, in the hope that they'll get chance to ask a question.  Much simpler Ed, to do it on a social media forum or radio phone in.  Then, with all the problems associated with the Home Office brief, we've got Mrs Balls moaning about community restitution orders for domestic violence cases. It must have slipped her mind, that the courts system and our prisons are overloaded (so much so, that we've got Judges falling asleep on the job!). All people want is for politicians to stop fiddling while Rome burns, and get on with putting the fires out.

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