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Next years local line up


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Is there really any point in having prospective and current local councillors who as the report says "have all shown passion, drive and dedication and have committed themselves to standing up for local residents" when in reality they all have to tow the party line and pretty much do as they are told and it's very rare that ANY go against decisions made by their own parties at local level.

It's all a bit pointless if you ask me....

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Nappies and Councillors need changing frequently for much the same reason.


However, the problem with jokes about Councillors is that Councillors don't find them funny, ////////////////////////////// everyone else  don't think  they are jokes.

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As I once heard a HR Director tell me apropos the belief that drive and motivation are ends in themselves, 'the only thing worse than employing idiots is employing motivated and passionate idiots'.


Not that I'm saying all councillors are idiots and if any councillors are reading this, I don't mean you obviously. I mean the other idiots.   

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