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All Saints Church, Daresbury (Lewis Carrol)


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If you haven't ever been in All Saints Chruch at Daresbury go an have a looks as it is absolutely stunning and is open to the public every day for free.

They also have a Lewis Carrol Centre there which again is free to look round and really interesting.

Here are some of the photo's I took when I went although I'm not uploading any of the Lewis C centre or info boards as that would be unfair to them :wink:

Click on photo's to enlarge....

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Five years of happily married bliss, the other thirty one haven't been to bad either.


The vicar at the time was Stanley Beckett if memory is working right. great guy and loved a drink after evensonng on a sunday. Shared many a whisky with him in the ring o bells after the service.


He gave me and mrs sid some very sound advice "never go to bed on an argument" if it means sitting up until breakfast sorting it out then it means that. (never has come to that though latest was one am)


Must have a tootle up there one of the days and have a look round again see if there is anybody still in the area that i might know.

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We usually go to bed on arguments and wake up on a different one :lol:

You should go and have a look round as it's lovely round there.  You can walk across the fields to Lewis C's birth place too although we didn't manage to find it and went the completely wrong way and finished up back near the church where we had to squeeze thought a large rickety gate with brambles to get back to the road. 

When I went on my own to take my photo's of the church (Mr Dizzy doesn't like me taking pics as he says I'm embarrassing) I bumped it Gilbert Greenall's first wife Mary under the trees in the church yard. 
She didn't say a lot though :wink:


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