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How well do you know your area ?


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well i got 32% for my area.


considering that so far I have lived here all my life just shows how much i get out. (very little).


One answer that did surprise me was that 38% of households in my area do not have a car. cannot tell that from wandering around the streets where i live after six pm.

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Only did it the once, I've just lived here for nearly 40 years and take an interest in what's going on.


The only question I was a long way out with concerned the proportion of houses owned by the occupier, for Lymm I guessed 85% but the answer came back as 40%. There's no way that the remaining 60% of properties in Lymm are all rentals!


The only thing I can think is that the 40% refers to properties with active mortgages - so people who have already paid theirs off and own their homes outright are not included. I still think it's higher than that though!

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I've just realised where I went wrong... my post code is actually under Hatton, Stretton and Walton but I always think of myself as living more in Stockton Heath as I'm right on the border and I grew up in SH too. 

I'll try again with my dads postcode :D

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