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Old Luay Company .. help please


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Help please.

On the old Tithe Maps (1836 - 1851) it shows a Lock House and Gardens on the bend of the River Mersey (after Kingsway Bridge going up Kingsway North towards Padgate and where the river then u-bends back on itself) which is owned and occupied by 'The Old Luay Company'

Has anyone ever heard of this company as I've googled but can't find anything at all about them, ta :)

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OK so I found Wilkinson Avenue near there ('street' is in Orford Evils :wink: )    The pin for Paddingon Lock House on google maps is where modern day houses are so that can't have been the lock house.  I wonder if it means it was more towards the river where all the trees now are.... or the one house that is set back behind the others closer to the river and with the strange W shaped roof. It doesn't look very old though but that might be because it's been painted and has the strange extensions on the side making the 'W' shape.  Is that the one you meant Evils ?

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