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What's happening with Our Lady's in Latchford ?


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Does anyone know what is happening with the original Our Lady's Church in Latchford (on the corner of St Mary's Street/Miller Street).  I think that what most people know it as but it might have a different name too looking at the signs on it.


Anyway, when I say "what's happening" it looks like nothing at all is.  I know it was up for sale in 2012 after being closed and they built a new modern church near the centre of Latchford Village to replace it.  Was it sold or is it just being left to hopefully rot away in years to come :(


It seems such a shame that it's just sitting there closed and unused and until this week I'd hadn't seen it as I've never been down all those little side roads before. 


It's huge and sounds lovely inside after just reading the Grade II listing for it (from 2005).  It says  "1901-2, By Robert Curran, architect, of Warrington, with fittings by John Douglas of Chester" and that it has "undergone little substantive alteration, and which retains fixtures fittings of high quality"


Here's a few photos that I took on a very grey day



















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I've zoomed in on another I took and have just noticed that the red sign behind the bush is a memorial listing the names of the people who lost their lives in the Great War. 

If they gates are locked all the time like they were yesterday then people can't even get close enough to see or read it :( 

I might go back and climb over to get a better photo which shows all the names,  I'm sure god wont mind.....


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Because the old one is structurally unsound and needed almost as much money spending on it as it cost to build the new one. And because the old one cost an absolute fortune to light and heat. And also because the old one is really just the one big room whereas what the church wanted these days was a large worship space plus a kitchen and a number of smaller spaces which could be used for meetings etc, or which can be all opened up into one by means of sliding partitions.

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