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Journey from the Centre of the Earth

Geoff Settle

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and my review for Amazon is

Make sure you read this book before you go on your next Mediterranean Holiday, or maybe after reading this book you will be flicking over to Easy Jet or Ryan Air and booking your flight to visit some of the wonders described.


The TV series has opened my eyes to a whole different understanding of Mediterranean Geomorphology. I studied the subject at Lanchester Poly (Coventry University) as a module but the clarity of this book will enable everyone to understand the theories of plate tectonics, mineral formation, vulcanicity, hot springs, sea level rise like never before.


It uses simple everyday techniques to get across complicated ideas. After reading this book the complications disappear.


Lovely photographs and extremely well researched.


After reading this book you will not be content to simply get a sun tan on your holiday you will be off exploring and really really enjoying your holiday 10 tens better.


But don't take my word for it pop down to your local book store and flick through the book.

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It certainly sounds like a good read. Some years back I read about shifts in the plates that turned the Strait of Gibraltar into a sort of giant waterfall --- almost like a faucet filling up a bathrub which we know today as the Mediterranean. What a concept. What it would be like to see that waterfall.

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The program covered salt tonight and how it produces currents in the oceans, how it was traded in the Med by civilisations, it's natural occurrence in Egypt, the way the cycle of the earth goes from circle to ellipse over in cycles, the earth axis change from one way to the other causing ice ages to global warming, frozen Paris with reindeer etc 18,00 years ago.


He even showed salt pyramids like the ones that I saw on my Spanish holiday the other week.


He packs so much into each episode but at a pace that is understandable and entertaining and the things he does with his food.


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