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think it is about time he was handed a lifetime ban. third incident and they are talking of handing out a two year ban. not enough. pity his latest victim did take the chance to knock all his teeth out.


any other sport and he would have been banned for life after the second offence.

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He has now been banned for 34 games since 2010 without receiving a single red card.


In some footballing cultures sneaky cheaty is seen as a positive.


I'm sure someone will be along soon to defend the indefensible though.


Oh, and, hello, wolfman.


Does this mean the courts now allow you access to the interweb again?

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I actually had some sympathy for Suarez,.........  after all a broken leg is worse than a bite on the shoulder, however after his statement on why he did it 


quote “After the impact … I lost my balance, making my body unstable and falling on top of my opponent. At that moment I hit my face against the player leaving a small bruise on my cheek and a strong pain in my teeth.” unquote


I have lost any respect I had for the bloke because if he actually thinks that anyone would believe that, then he must also think that we all believe in the tooth fairy.

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