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2 new friends of parks

Geoffrey Settle

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Just to let you know that there will be two Friend's of Poulton North Park's meetings tonight Thursday 19th June.


The first is for a new Friends of Longbarn Park that I hope to set up. We will be meeing WBC tonight at 5pm at the end of Nook Lane off Fearnhead Lane to discuss issues raised by residents and tek it from there.


The 2nd starts at 6.30pm in the Community Room of the Cinnamon Brow Farm Community Centre. This will be our fifth meeting, the first was indoor when we brainstormed, issues and a vision, the 2nd was a walk about in the park with Mark Olly to learn about the mystique of the park, I arranged a walk with the original landscape architect and last Thursday we met with WBC to discuss the issues and way forward. Tonights meeting is to review last Thursdays information and a way forward.


I spent 2 hours yesterday raking grass that had been strimmed in the large stone circle but more hands are needed to make an impression.


For more details check out our Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/#!/FriendsOfParkfieldsPark

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Following last Thursday's meetings further meetings have been arranged for Friends of both Parks.


Longbarn Park friends who attended the site visit will be attending the next Fearnhead Residents Association meeting at the Fearnhead Community Centre - Insal Road - to discuss with  the FRA what WBC officers had to say - I have a number of issues of try sort out in the meantime. FRA meetings take place on the 3rd Wednesday in the month at 7pm


The Frinends of Parkfields Park - discussed their meeting with WBC from the previous month, an outline constitution, the practicalities of doing some maintenance themselves and the associated risks as well as the drug dealing issues in the area. Thier next meeting will be on Thursday 3rd July at 6.30pm in the Cinnamon Brow Farm Community Centre Community Room again unless they are swamped with new members after their latest leaflet drop when they will move to the hall.

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Good to read about the success of another Friends group http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/articles/18724/1/Praise-for-park-friends/Page1.html I have asked if working party can be put together to learn about the successes and issues facing Friends Groups.


I remember years ago when I was a Parish Councillor - I asked Paul Darlington who was then in charge of Parks - given that many parks are facing cut back at Friends Groups the way forward. She said yes but never offered any help or advice. - Given the way our smaller parks are struggling I think that Friends Groups are a way forward in these austere times.


Alexandra and Peel Hall appear to be setting the standard for two different types of Parks.

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Geoff.... why can't people doing community service be made to help out?

They can take part. They have done a lot of work at the Cinnamon Brow Community Centre over the years doing landscape work.


Here is a link to the FRiends of Parkfield Park Facebook site so that you can see the results of Saturday's hedge work - 6 large piles of branches :)


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It must be good fun doing all the pruning and tidying up and then having the satisfaction of seeing your park looking much nicer after all the volunteers (and your) hard work Geoff.

I might go along to the Stockton Heath one and see if they ever need the odd bit of help there :D

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I thought there was already a 'Friends of Enfield Park' group.  I'm sure I read about it on another topic on here somewhere but maybe I'm thinking of the wrong one.

Is that the one that the police were monitoring a few months ago because of drug dealers too ?

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Hi Dizzy/Wahl


Yes the drug dealers were here en force as they were in Parkfields Park, Bennetts Rec etc. - it's all gone quiet now follwoing some key arrests brought about by information from local residents using the 101 police number.


Yes Enfield Park is on my doorstep and over the years I have been reporting various things to WBC, I've definitley added to the more than 170 patches on the main path, the play area  was steam cleaned and patches/repairs completed on the play surface area, I've done hundreds of litter picks over recent years, at the start it was on a daily basis collecting 3 or 4 carrier bags of litter, empty booze bottles/cans etc.


There is currently no Friends of Enfield park that I know of but the local residents association CIMBRA have been lobbying for change for a number of years and they have done group litter picks, stencilled anti-dog foulding signs on the paths on at least two occassions and cut back the vegetation around the pond a few months ago. They are the local group to contact wahl if you want to help with the park, they have their own Facebook site. 

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what about Enfield Park?


The park is overgrown, dirty with nettles everywhere

Even the ducks seem to have abandoned it


Well Mr Settle


what do you intend to do about this park that is outside your back door?





Hi Wahl - hopefully you have managed to see the impact of the Cinnamon Brow Residents Association who with the WBC officers and PCOs spent a couple of hours around and in the pond in Enfield Park. This resulted in a truck load of branches and rubbish being taken away and the same amount being strategically placed in the area to create additional wildlife habitat.


In addition the various groups interested in helping out in Longbarn Park have got together and will be holding their first meeting on January 10th and 11th. They have also formed a committee with a constitution and all this depsite a question being raised in the Council Chamber criticising efforts. It's a pity that some people who live outside the area come in and try and stir things up with false statements and aqusations but that's how people are there days. I'd rather work with people who pull up their sleeves and get stuck in.

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