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Keira Knightly as DOMINO


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My 15 year old grandson needed me to gain entrance to this R rated film and I told him (*^)*&R($$#%@$@ don't ever take me to a Tony Scott film again -- after watching Denzel Washington in MAN ON FIRE with all photography of a two hour film screened in 3 second snippets. It's like the cutting people want to move the story along with un-necessary cutting. This was from his production team again and it ruined what was a dismal idea for a film in the first place. Oh sure, Keira can smoke cigarettes and looked bored and jaded and chew gum and imitate the homeless junkie wasted lives. But this film, if you must see it, is for the cameo junkie film lovers. An all star cast of obscure and non-obscure actors: Jacqueline Bisset, Jerry Springer, Brian and Ian from 90210, Mickey Rourke, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN should get a Best Supporting Actor, Dabney Coleman, Lucy Liu...

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I got my money's worth, from the cameos. The real disgusting part about the movie was the ever popular Auschwitz hair style Domino affected. It didn't do anything for her and it sure didn't help Keira.


Christopher Walken playing a brain shredded TV producer of reality shows -- worth the price, but I never want to see a Tony Scott film again with those atrocious 3 second strips of film pasted together. He must have started as a film cutter and got paid for each splice. I think Hitchcock did one whole film without letting the camera blink once. One long, long, 'take' - like a stage play. Farley Granger played in it.

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