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WBC to close Sandy Lane Tip, Stockton Heath - 1 August !!


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But surely everone uses their own green recycling bin at home, which is emptied every 2 weeks? I've got a large garden and this is adequate for me without the need to take garden waste to a recycling centre as well.

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The green bins have a small opening in the lid.  I have tried to put some green waste in one and its very difficult as the hole is too small and the small lid that lifts up doesn't stay up on its own!  So you have to take a friend with you or try to keep the lid open with one arm while emptying your bag or whatever with the other.

A number of residents do manage with one green bin collected fortnightly, but clearly many can't and they regularly take additional green waste to the tip.

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Whenever I cut the hedges - usually twice a year - round my garden (which isn't huge by any means) I'll get at least one decent sized trailer load of clippings.


An annual pruning of the shrubs will generate another full trailer.


Whenever I remove a decent sized shrub or a small tree that's at least another trailer - maybe two.


And sweeping up the leaves in the Autumn (which fall from the council owned trees along the Trans Pennine Trail at the bottom of the garden!) fills another trailer.


Then there's the Xmas tree to get rid of if we have a real one, that has to go to the tip in the trailer too.


Cutting the front and back lawns once will pretty much fill my green bin - and in summer the lawns really need cutting at least twice in a fortnight.


So that's at least six or seven trailer loads to the tip on top of a very full green bin every fortnight from one medium sized semi detached home.

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Have you ever thought of downsizing to a smaller garden Inky :lol:  

Joking aside my dad easily fills his green bin in the summer months with grass and other garden waste.  He has a lot of hedges too which he cuts a lot so he takes all those cuttings to the tip once his bin is full.  It's all very well and good the council telling people they can have an extra green bin (well they could have one but not sure if it's still the case) but for more than 6 months of the year out of the growing season the second green bin would be pointless and just in the way taking up space.

There is no way my dad would be able to put all his hedge cuttings etc in those normal commercial size waste green bins in the forge car park without spilling most of them all over the floor.  Maybe they need to chain some brushes and large shovels to the side of them so people can clean up after themselves when they try.  Someone will have to clean it all up.............

PS don't bother asking for a new black bin by the way as the council don't have any but they say they should hopefully have some again in 8 weeks time :|   Ho hum.......

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As an after thought..... is it not a rather daft time of the year to start trialling the new green bin service in the two car parks at Lymm and Stockton Heath when growing has already slowed down so people aren't doing as much cutting.  I know things have slowed down cos my dad hasn't moaned about having to cut his hedge or grass for almost 2 weeks :lol: 

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Well it looks like the Labour group have bottled it and are to reverse their decision on closure of the tip by claiming credit for "listening" to what objectors have been saying.... we know that is complete bunkem because they NEVER listen to residents on any matter unless it affects their possible re-election in any ways and this matter and the public revulsion at the closure obviously had them scared to death at the prospect of losing votes in the future


Those eternal opportunists; the Lib Dums are also claiming credit in a "No, I'm Spartacus" kind of way. Well you would never have seen that one coming would you??? :)



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Great news that it's staying open :D


I sat her laughing when I read what Clr Lawrence Murphy is reported as saying.


He's clearly forgotten what he wrote in his own leaflets he distributed about the closure then :wink:

He's got whiplash from the U turn.


Bob Barr's memory is failing him too. He's forgotten that the same closure was originally proposed in 2010 by his administration. I also recall he was less in favour of 'public pressure' when it came to his own department breaking the law and putting the physical safety of residents at risk. 


Other local politicians with faulty brainwaves are:


Pat Wright (Labour)


2010: “This proposal is absolutely ludicrous and any extra vehicles travelling down Old Liverpool Road, along with the existing waste vehicles from Manchester and Liverpool would be a nightmare for residents of Sankey Bridges and the new housing estate of Saxon Park.”


2014: Silence


Nick Bent (Labour)


2010: “The council is crazy to propose closing two of the borough’s three recycling centres, which would put more pressure on the Gatewarth facility at Sankey Bridges and clog up roads there. This council’s attitude to the environment really is rubbish.”


2014: Silence


They're not interested in what local people want or need. They'll just say or do anything, as Laurence Murphy has proved. And once again we have proof that real change only comes about when people ignore the politicians and take matters into their own hands. If it was down to the people who are supposed to represent us, the planning scandals would never have come out into the open, Walton Hall would now be a hotel and we'd have no recycling facilities.

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